Jet Engine

Unreal marketplace model plus jet engine simulation data (CSV log file). Built in 20 mins with just rotation behaviour for the compressor and heatmaps for the main body colouration. No blueprints or code required. 5 DS sensors have been added  mapped to the main heat sensor zones - Compressor, Diffuser, Combustion, Turbine and Exhaust.

The custom label is coming in the next version of Datasculpt!

Smart Building

Smart buildings are sensor-enabled spaces recording data such as temperature, humidity, air quality, occupancy levels. This showcase demonstrates live data being streamed into a stock Unreal asset from the marketplace which has been data-enabled with Datasculpt behaviours and connectivity to the remote data source.

Robot Arm

In a manufacturing setting, remotely monitoring production machinery via digital twin visualization is increasingly common. After importing a robot arm model asset using Unreal's inbuilt Datasmith CAD import functionality, this showcase was built rapidly with Datasculpt from IoT data streaming from a remote source. Data-driven behaviours were added to the model with simple dropdown menu actions, no code or blueprints required.

Smart Building 2

This second office showcase demonstrates the possibilities of creating a data-driven environment in Unreal with Datasculpt, including data-driven labelling, realtime in-world graphs, data-driven colouration of appliance power consumptions and status. 

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